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Dr. Sudhakar Marathe is a son of classical singer and an actor in the Gandharva Natak Company, Late Pt. Janardan Marathe. Music was an inborn talent in Panditji. He started learning music at the age of 6 from his uncle Pt. Moreshwar Marathe.

Due to an inborn talent, Sudhakarji’s father decided to develop his singing by imparting a rigorous training of almost 6 to 7 hrs a day. Thus, his father trained him for 15 years. Being a maestro in classical vocal, he belongs to “Gwalior Gharana”. Dr. Marathe has performed in many concerts in various parts of the country and is also imparting training in classical music since last 5 decades. His Style of singing catches the attention of the listeners within few seconds when he begins his singing. Being a perfectionist and knowledgeable in ragas and laya, he always wants to sing compositions in different taals.

In his every concert, Dr Marathe will sing some unknown raga which also imparts knowledge to the new listeners.



Music is classified as the organization of sound. Music is a source of joy, stress, tears, camaraderie and fulfillment.


The Art of Music
About various trends and genres of music you can read in this sample article. Dive in the fascinating world of sounds!


The Harmony of Music
The harmonious sounds of music can heal your soul. You can find the desired relax and peace in it. Open your heart to music and let the beauty overtake you.


Shri Dhananjay Marathe is a son of classical vocalist Pt Dr Sudhakar Marathe. He started learning classical vocal at an age of 9 in the year 1987 and is still getting trained to get prepared for doing his Ph.d in music under the guidance of his father. Being a third generation in music, Dhananjayji has immense passion for this performing art.

Dhananjayji is been performing since the year 1994. He completed his Sangeet Visharad (B.mus) in the year 1996 and Sangeet Alankar (M. mus) in the year 2002. Apart from Post graduation in music, he has done his Post graduation in personnel management (MPM). He has also learnt tabla from Ustad Mohammed Hanif Mirajkar for 6 years.


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