Shri Dhananjay Marathe is a son of classical vocalist Pt Dr Sudhakar Marathe. He started learning classical vocal at an age of 9 in the year 1987 and is still getting trained to get prepared for doing his Ph.d in music under the guidance of his father. Being a third generation in music, Dhananjayji has immense passion for this performing art.

Dhananjayji is been performing since the year 1994. He completed his Sangeet Visharad (B.mus) in the year 1996 and Sangeet Alankar (M. mus) in the year 2002. Apart from Post graduation in music, he has done his Post graduation in personnel management (MPM). He has also learnt tabla from Ustad Mohammed Hanif Mirajkar for 6 years.

He has performed in the lights of many eminent artists and personalities like Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan, Pt Sadashiv Pawar, Ustad Faiyaz Hussain Khan, Shri. Shankaracharya of Sringeri peetham.

Dhananjayji also likes to sing compositions in new ragas in different taals like his father.


He sings with lot of energy and zeal and a good body language which also plays an important role in any performing art. Like his father, Dhananjayji also sings Khayal, Thumri, Tarana, Tappa, Bhajans, etc.

Dhananjyji is imparting training in classical vocal to the students in Pune. Currently, has students in various parts of Pune. Apart from this he also teaches commerce subjects in a renowned school in Pune. Another feather in his cap is that Dhananjayji is interested in imparting training to the students overseas. He is starting an online training.

Dhananjayji has won several awards in the competitions such as Intra College competition in which he won a first prize for consecutive 3 years and has also participated in an inter-college competition organized in the year 2000 by a renowned management college in Pune.

The school in which he taught music from 1999-2002 won a first prize for consecutive 3 years in an inter school competition named ‘Centrafest’.

Apart from teaching, Dhananjayji has an objective to give platform to his students because he thinks that each student’s progress can be judged by the audience and the students can learn the stage mannerisms. He wants his students to progress every year and to evaluate the progress creating a platform for students in necessary. He has seen a change in these students in last 3-4 years as he says that students who had stage fear 3-4 years back have become more confident not only when they sing on the stage but, also when they interact and they do their day-to-day activities.

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